Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cold weather essentials

It's that time again! cold and dry weather- thank you Cali! I've already been feeling this season change, affect my skin and hair.  I remember last year my face was dry and  breaking out and nothing was helping so this year I decided to get a head start.   So here are a few essentials I can't live without:

Caudalie Huile Divine - Love this product! Multi-use for hair, body and face.  I mainly use it for my face twice a day it gives me a glow and evens my skin tone.  Keeps face moist but I STILL moisturize.
Aquaphor - can be used on skin I use it for my lips
Shea Butter foot cream - never really used foot creams before but I received this from my pageant days and now I love it because it really gets rid of dry and calloused feet without a greasy feeling
SachaJuan over night hair repair - this product smells amazing and I apply to my ends at night to help with breakage from this dry weather
Neutrogena body oil - can you say heaven? I apply after I shower and sometimes will mix it with my body lotion.  Make your entire body glow with this!
Sally Hansen nails and cuticle cream -  I get embarrassed to show my hands when I have cracked skin especially if you wash your hands constantly like me.  this product is a life saver it soaks into your skin and lasts all day


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