Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Exactly a year ago I started my blog to share my journey to optimal health and now this… I cannot stress how important the immune system is to your health!  I thought I was doing great until I had a few different incidences back in February and June.   My doctor warned me about this a year ago and I was too stubborn to do anything about it because I didn’t see it coming.  It’s so interesting the way the human body reacts to any infection or a virus entered into your system.  As it tries to protect and heal itself first which is why we come across symptoms, it needs a strong immune support to combat these toxins.  There’s not enough amount of antibiotics to kill and destroy ONLY harmful agents in your body if it’s severe enough.  Because I take a very holistic approach towards my health sometimes it gets the best of me when I’m faced with obstacles that I fear.  IV ozone therapy is a treatment that destroys all pathogens and doesn’t harm the good cells and antioxidants.  Any form of bacteria, infection, parasites, toxins and so forth cannot live in purified oxygen therefore the healthy cells don’t get destroyed in this process.  This treatment is not as simple as just popping antibiotic pills but I would much rather keep my good cells from being destroyed because that’s so crucial for your immune system and the reason why I’m in a recurring cycle of being sick.  A lesson I learned from this is to be proactive and to face my challenges and live life to the fullest with health! Fear and challenges is not to make me bitter, but gives me a different look on how precious life is. 
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